Testimonials for Dr. Nahama

Results vary from patient to patient. No guarantee of results.


Results vary from patient to patient. No guarantee of results.



"Before I saw Dr. Nahama I was constantly bloated and I tried all traditional methods with no help. After only a few treatments I have never felt better. My acid reflux, gas and bloating are gone. I'm also less hungry and feel as though I'm getting more out of the food I'm eating."

Andrea, Financial Consultant

A Variety of Health Problems

"I had a variety of health problems and traditional medicine was of no help. I had fluid retention and bloating, joint pain, vaginal discharge, sugar cravings, food and environmental allergies, a hoarse voice, restless sleeping, slow digestion and sinus headaches. All these problems have improved with my treatments. It's wonderful to be able to eat things again without a problem, I feel more alive. I also no longer need to take decongestants. It has been six months since my treatments and I continue to feel really good."

Kathy, Retired Nurse

Migraine Headaches, Hay Fever

"I came to see Dr. Nahama for my hay fever. After just a few treatments, my hay fever was completely gone. I also have a history of migraine headaches, about 7-10 per year. Since my first treatment, over 10 months ago, I have not had any migraines at all."

Bill, Detective

Severe Heartburn

"For about six months, I was awakened almost nightly by severe heartburn. In fact, sometimes it was so bad I would have to vomit. After two months of treatment I have had only two to three mild cases of heartburn. Now when I eat something that would have triggered the heartburn before, the discomfort is much milder or completely gone. I am now confident I won't be woken in pain ."

Tony, Radio Production


Crohn's Disease (a severe and painful inflammation of the intestines)

"When I first came to see Dr. Nahama, I was having a flare up of my Crohn's. I had severe abdominal pain, diarrhea and weight loss. I was taking high doses of prednisone, a drug with serious side effects, which I wasn't happy about.. After two months of treatments I am now on the lowest dose of prednisone and have no abdominal pain or diarrhea. I have also gained six pounds in two months, although my medical doctor said I probably couldn't. The treatments got me out of the slue I was in."

Marilyn, Nurse Practitioner

So Many Allergies

"My whole life I have had so many allergies. I wasn't able to eat chocolate or bread. I would have sneezing attacks and get all stuffed up. I would always wake up in the morning stuffy and have to use so much tissue every day. Also, when we went camping, I would cough most of the night. After my treatments I can eat chocolate and bread and don't need kleenex all day anymore. Also, we went camping and I didn't cough at all. This stuff really works."

Taylor, Student

Chronic Asthma

"I have had severe asthma for 20 years. I've been on the drug prednisone for most of that time and have high blood pressure and diabetes as a result. Since I started my NAET treatments only 3 months ago, I am now off my prednisone, my lungs are clearer and I feel great."

Jackie, Day Care Owner

Crohn's, Allergies, Low Immune System

"When I came to see Dr. Nahama my primary complaint was bloody stools due to Crohn's disease. I also had emotional stress and allergies. I had tried medication, allergy free foods, and many other doctors without much success. After three months of treatment my Crohn's was noticeably better despite eating “forbidden” foods. After six months the Crohn's was in remission and my allergies were under control." It has been over three years now and with monthly treatments and digestive enzymes I have not had any problems with the Crohn's, allergies, or immune system. I am more relaxed and able to deal with my problems with a clear head."

Kim, Exercise Instructor


Mold and Food Allergies

"As a young child raised in the south I could smell mold around me. As I got older, I started getting bad headaches that would lead to sinus infections and migraines. Every weekend after working in the yard I would have a migraine headache lasting about three days. I also found myself reacting with headaches to certain foods. Now 60, much of my life has been spent dealing with allergies and migraines.

Now I know the headaches were from the mold in the dirt. After my treatments with Dr. Nahama I can work in my yard for many hours and not have to lay down with a migraine. I can also eat many more foods with no negative reaction.

I enjoy working in my yard so much it has been a real gift to be able to do it now and be headache free. It has been two years since I started treatment for my allergies, and although I do come in occasionally to see Dr. Nahama for tune ups, overall, my quality of life has improved dramatically."

Cynthia, Microbiologist


"I am 8 years old and had big hives all over my body for almost two years. The tests the regular doctors gave me didn't tell anything. I was put on Zurtek, which helped get rid of the hives, but I had been on it a long time and if I stopped taking it my hives would come right back. After only six treatments with Dr. Nahama my hives are completely gone and I no longer have to take any drugs."

Natalie, Student


"I initially came to see Dr. Nahama for my osteoarthritis. I was experiencing pain in my elbows, feet and neck. I was also having low energy. I am now feeling so much better. I am now running, which I haven't done in years. I also have been under a great deal of stress with moving and starting a new job and I feel very mentally balanced and have not gotten sick. In the past, typically, these stressors would have effected me adversely. I feel as though I have gotten my life back."

Christine, Psychologist

Chronic Hay fever and Sinusitis

"I have suffered with hay fever attacks for the last 45 year. I would have uncontrollable sneezing and sinus swelling with bleeding. My eyes would also be red and itchy and my ears would often plug up. I would have to frequently use medication to open my sinuses. My favorite pastime is working in my garden and this is when I would notice my hay fever at its worse. After seven treatments with Dr. Nahama I am happy to say I am about 90% better and I have not even finished all my treatments. I can work in my garden without any allergic reaction. It is a blessing."

Dottie, Homemaker


Sinus Congestion

"I was skeptical at first of this new different treatment but the results have been truly amazing. After only 3 treatments my sinus's have completely cleared. I was also having sinus headaches two times a month and took over the counter allergy medication 3-4 times per week. Since my treatments I have only taken one pill in about 5 weeks."

Ellen, Nurse


"My son (10 months old) had a rash on his face, arms and legs, and we couldn't figure out the cause. After Dr. Nahama cleared him of his allergies he no longer has a rash anywhere on his body. It has been a couple of months now and he is still doing very well."

Lisa, Mom

Dairy Allergy

"Whenever I would eat any dairy products, I would immediately become congested and have post nasal drip. It was very difficult eating out. I would always have to ask if there was any cheese or cream in anything before I could eat it. It has been 4 years since Dr. Nahama treated me for my dairy allergy and it really is a miracle. I have no reaction to it any more and it is much more pleasurable to eat out."

Laurie, Speech Therapist

Gassy and Uncomfortable

"My two month old daughter has gone from being uncomfortable and fussy with gas and stomach upset to being content and comfortable after her NAET treatments."

Linsey, Mom


Results vary from patient to patient. No guarantee of results.